Perfectly imperfect

Tesco cucumbers

Similar pilot projects have also been launched by other supermarket chains, such as Asda and Morrison’s as they, too, want to reduce their volumes of food waste. Photo: Morrison’s

Wonky foods

Consumers, too, are happy about the new wonky product line with its good value for money. Sales figures have been rising since the beginning of the initiative. Photo: Tesco PLC

French Supermarkt

Photo: Consommateurs au supermarché Luc Legay /

Innovative Verpackungen

Innovative packaging can improve the shelf life of food and thus reduce loss and waste. Photo: Supermarket, Ricardo,

Date Labeling

Some fruit and veg wouldn’t win a beauty contest but is still perfectly alright. Quite often, though, it ends up in the bin. Photo: Infografik, FutureFood2050