Ulla Holm

Global Director, Food for Development Office of Tetra Laval

Ulla Holm

Ulla Holm

Ulla Holm is Global Director of the Tetra Laval Food for Development Office (FfDO), established in 2000 to share knowledge and experience gathered from more than 50 years involvement in global school feeding and agricultural development programmes. Working in close partnership with governments, development agencies and NGOs, the FfDO initiates, develops and supports projects that aim to fight poverty and improve nutrition in developing countries.

Ulla joined the Tetra Laval Group in Stockholm, Sweden in 1977, where she worked on developing financing solutions and cross-border leasing systems. She started up the in-house leasing company, Tetra Laval Credit AB, which today provides financing solutions to Tetra Pak customers all over the world.

Ulla worked to develop, establish and coordinate one of the first integrated dairy development projects in Russia (St Petersburg 1997 - 2000).

Ulla has a degree in Business and Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics. She was a board member of the Swedish Export Credit Guarantee Board between July 2001 and October 2010.

In January 2008 she joined the board of the Global Child Nutrition Foundation, Washington DC, USA.

3 Questions to… Ulla Holm

1. Which aspect of the food waste and loss problem is the most relevant for you?

Aseptic processing and packaging technologies are our core business. Through continuous innovation this is still one of the most powerful ways to reduce food losses, as it prolongs the life of precious nourishment like milk.

2. And what should be done to improve things in this field?

As our Dairy Hub concept demonstrates, working together along the value chain is key. The technical knowledge of private organisations together with the capacity of the institutions to reach and engage entrepreneurs can support the development of a healthy local industry.

3. Which role does the Initiative SAVE FOOD play in fighting food losses and waste in your opinion?

The Save Food initiative is a great networking tool and project incubator for private organisations and institutions willing to team up for food security in its broadest sense.