Toine Timmermans

Coordinator of FUSIONS and program manager of Sustainable Food Chains at Wageningen University & Research Centre

Toine Timmermans

Toine Timmermans

Toine Timmermans is coordinator of the project FUSIONS: Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising waste prevention Strategies. The first pan-European multi-stakeholder project to tackle food losses and reduce food waste across the supply chain.

FUSIONS will enable, encourage, engage and support key actors across Europe in delivering a 50 % reduction in food waste by 2020.
Toine Timmermans also has a position as Program manager Sustainable Food Chains at the Research Institute Food & Biobased Research, part of Wageningen University & Research Centre.

He obtained his M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from the Wageningen University, with specialisation in knowledge engineering and computer vision. In 2011 he finished a post-doc Business Strategy Course at the University of Groningen. With the ambition to achieve radical innovations to increase resource efficiency and contribute in the transition towards a sustainable food system.

His current research themes are focused on radical technology driven innovations to increase resource efficiency in the food supply chain, by reducing food loss and improved valorization of resources. Also his research is performed to future closed loop supply chains in relation to the use of packaging materials and to reduce methane emissions in the dairy sector.

Furthermore Toine Timmermans is a member of the High Level Panel of Expert team of the CFS (Committee on Global Food Security). Working on the preparation of a policy report about Food Losses and Waste in the Context of Sustainable Food Systems, to be published mid 2014.

3 Questions to … Toine Timmermans

1. Which aspect of the food waste problem is the most relevant?

Reducing food waste is for me a preferable option and opportunity to contribute to the challenge to contribute to a future global sustainable food & nutrition system. Taking the lead with others in having real impacts in this area, and contributing to societal challenges related to the food system are a main driver in my work.

2. And what should be done to improve things in this field?

The solutions are in collaboration and innovation. Collaboration between actors in the supply chain, governments, civil society, financial institutions and knowledge insitutions. Currently a global momentum is arising, and we should use this opportunity to establish a framework for action to make the transition happen. With positive impacts for society, environment and the economic system.

3. Do you know SAVE FOOD intitiative already and which role does the Initiative SAVE FOOD play in fighting food losses and food waste in your opinion?

Being active in the area for food waste reduction and resource efficiency for more than 10 years, I found SAVE FOOD the first concrete and ambitious program to take up the important challenge to fight global food losses and waste. Given the growing momentum, SAVE FOOD has the potential to bring together the influential actors and stakeholders to create global impact, and make a real contribution to a sustainable food & nutrition system.