Roland M. Schüren

Roland M. Schüren is the owner of the bakery “Ihr Bäcker Schüren”

Roland M. Schüren

Roland M. Schüren

Mr. Schüren finished his training as a baker in 1978. While taking classes to become a master baker, he studied business with a concentration in marketing and human resources at the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum. Roland Schüren then took over the family-owned bakery “Ihr Bäcker Schüren” and established the product lines Bio-Klassik, Bio-Vollwert and Klassik featuring whole grain and organic breads.

He implemented a novel energy concept at his bakery and in the logistics chain and set up regional delivery partnerships. For his commitment, he was awarded the National German Sustainability Award. He won the Ecocare sustainability award twice: In the “Project” category in 2012 for his contribution to the energy transition in logistics and in the “Technology/Processes” category in 2010 for his bakehouse energy concept.

3 Questions to … Roland Schüren

1. Which aspect of the food waste problem is the most relevant?

Raising awareness among consumers and retail employees with planning responsibilities. That’s where one can have the most impact.

2. And what should be done to improve things in this field?

Avoiding unnecessary resource consumption in order to protect the climate. Not generating emissions in the first place is particularly effective climate protection.

3. Which role does the Initiative SAVE FOOD play in fighting food losses and food waste in your opinion?

A very, very positive one, because it’s not something you’d expect from a trade fair company. I’m hoping a multiplication effect will work its way from the trade fair company to exhibiting companies (representing the packaging industry and related enterprises) all the way through to food manufacturers.