Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere unterstützt SAVE FOOD

Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere

Teisnach. Just recently, Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere have started to support the SAVE FOOD initiative launched by UN and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation). Therefore, we committ ourselves to reduce food wastage in the world. According to recent studies, about one third of the worlds’ daily food production is lost. Against the background of hunger and malnutrition in many parts of the world, SAVE FOOD is trying to counter this trend.

Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere, a traditional German paper mill, which employs 200 people and produces around 40,000 y/t of paper on three machines, is specialized in the production of food grades and also focusses on the sustainability of its products, as demanded by SAVE FOOD. Karl Augustin, Head of Sales and Marketing, points out: “With our innovative special grades, based on renewable raw materials and with special bio-based surface barriers, we already offer a comprehensive range of products to pack foodstuff in a modern, safe and environmentally-friendly way.”

„We see the chance to support SAVE FOOD not only on a financial basis, but would also like to contribute to this pioneering initiative by our special product know-how ”, says Karl Augustin. Furthermore, Pfleiderer also plans the development of new, functional packaging grades, which are supposed to prolong shelf life and special barriers which could protect food products from migration of harmful substances.

SAVE FOOD initiative was launched in 2011. Since then, more than 110 companies and associations have joined this interest group. The initiative presents itself on fairs and conferences in order to draw the attention of decisionmakers working in economy, politics and industry to the worldwide food wastage.

Pfleiderer Spezialpapiere