Innovationparc Packaging

interpack offers members of the SAVE FOOD initiative an exclusive presentation platform.

Innovationparc Packaging is a unique signature feature of interpack and the trade fair’s intrinsic forum for future-oriented special topics. Visitors and exhibitors meet here for creative interchange and collectively develop visionary ideas on fundamental social, economic and ecological topics.

In 2014, the Innovationparc Packaging was dedicated exclusively to the SAVE FOOD theme.

SAVE FOOD Pavillon 2011

SAVE FOOD Pavillon 2011

SAVE FOOD Pavillon 2011

At the Innovationparc Packaging, the partners and members of the SAVE FOOD Initiative presented their studies, industry projects and corporate initiatives. In the dialogue with trade fair attendees, customers and peers, additional ideas were generated and new alliances against food waste were forged.

FAO and UNEP, the partners of the SAVE FOOD Initiative, were represented at the Innovationparc Packaging with their own information stands.

Once the SAVE FOOD Congress had concluded, a stage at the heart of the Innovationparc Packaging provided visitors with a chance to watch and listen to even more lectures and presentations discussing the options in the fight against food waste.