Herrmann Ultraschall

As a technology leader for ultrasonic welding of packaging materials who performs business all over the world and is a pioneer for efficient, resource-saving sealing processes, Herrmann Ultraschall supports the Save Food initiative. In comparison with heat sealing, this process can be controlled much better and the leakage rate can be reduced by more than 98 %, since ultrasonics is capable of safely welding through product contaminations in the sealing zone. In addition, the “cold” ultrasonic tools require less energy and the sealing lines reach maximum strength directly after the sealing process. Ultrasonics generates the required temperature for the sealing process from the inside out. Residues of melted foils on the sealing bar (as is the case with heat sealing) and the related high maintenance effort do not occur. In addition, the need for consumables such as Teflon tape or sealing wax is eliminated. The precise focusing of energy ensures much slimmer sealing lines, which results in considerable material savings.

The ultrasonic technology meets the requirements of the industry for packaging that can be produced in an effective and economical manner. In addition, it provides reliable product protection with regard to increased requirements for minimum shelf life, hygiene, flexibility of shape, environment protection, and recycling. In general, all packaging materials (?) and laminated materials with a thermoplastic sealing layer are suitable for use with ultrasonic technology. The seals can be implemented either as molecular-bond, strong welds or as peelable seals. Ultrasonics safely welds through feed material residues, such as powders, liquids, or fibers, that are used in modern packaging processes both in the food and non-food sector. Ultrasonic welding is an environmentally friendly technology as a matter of principle: it ensures a high degree of productivity through minimum standstill time and controlled quality with maximum repeatability.

Ultrasonic welding technology is considered an environmentally friendly technology. It uses up to 75% less electric energy compared to other welding processes. Power is only drawn during the actual weld time. Ultrasonics produces packaging in a highly energy-efficient manner and free from additives.

Herrmann develops and produces its own systems, components, tools, and generators in-house. In the field of packaging technology, experience is based on a great number of successfully implemented sealing and welding systems for different packaging machine concepts. The company sees itself as a competent engineering partner for the development of individual system solutions for packaging tasks.
Herrmann Ultraschall