The SAVE FOOD exhibition:

At the congress of the interpack 2011, the SAVE FOOD exhibition was shown for the first time. In impressive exhibits the issue of food loss is made comprehensible and solution approaches are presented. Interactive exhibits present the most important information and present the partners of the initiative. Photos, graphics, films and exhibits constitute a landscape of facts presented in a catchy way. In the best practice-area businesses and organizations presented innovative approaches to solving the problems of food losses.



The SAVE FOOD exhibition is continually updated and represents the centre of future projects campaigning for an increased awareness among industry experts and consumers.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is devoted to the results of the study conducted by the Swedish Institute SIK on behalf of the FAO. Supported by a virtual world map visitors can learn interactively, which foodstuff gets lost in which regions and in which stage of the value chain.

This way visitors very well get to know the two sides of the problem: In poorer countries more than 40% of the harvest spoils on the way to the consumer. The reasons can be traced back to a poor infrastructure, but also an under-developed packaging industry. In rich countries, responsibility lies mainly with the retail and consumers both throwing away food before consumption. In either cases, adequate packaging solutions can help minimizing loss.

In October 2011 the exhibition will be shown at World Food Day, in which the FAO annually draws attention to the issue of world hunger. The exhibition will also be part of the German Sustainability Day in November in Düsseldorf. At Germany's leading economic conference on sustainable development, the exhibition aims to inform decision-makers from various industries and inspire action against food loss.


Please visit the virtual exhibition SAVE FOOD!