Reasons to join
1.We share the same values.
As the world’s largest BOPA manufacturer and one of the leading flexible packaging material suppliers, we have been devoting to research and provide green, environment-friendly packaging products to improve food safety.

2.We are capable to do more for society.
Changsu possesses cutting-edge facilities and technique and our market has covered various countries and regions around the world. We are delighted to fully integrate current resources to join Save Food platform and contribute to against global food waste and loss.

Plans to do

1.Organize both online and offline activities to promote Save Food values.

2.Be an active participator in Save Food projects.
We will provide support on technology, ideas, materials and so on based on actual conditions.

3.Lead the food packaging industry development on food resources saving.
We focus on saving food resources by developing products to extend food shelf life. For instance, our product EHA can greatly extend food shelf life and maintain original food flavor to save food resources. In Save Food platform, we will keep promoting the innovative solutions on food packaging and boost related industries to take active involvement to fight against food waste and loss.