Vita – Arash Derambarsh

Arash Derambarsh

City Councillor of Courbevoie, France

Arash Derambarsh is the city councillor of Courbevoie in France. He was very successful with his campaign to ban the French supermarkets from throwing away food and believed that only legislation could prevent the large waste from the supermarkets.


Five questions to Arash Derambarsh

1. Which aspect of the food waste problem is the most relevant for you?

What I am most concerned with by the food waste problem is the economical and social aspect. How can we tolerate that perfectly edible food is beeing wasted in front of people that go hungry?

2. What do you think is the best way to make improvements in this area?

I think that a law is the best way to fight food waste as it puts everyone on equal ground and forces and punishes those who do not respect it.

3. Can you already discover a positive development in this area?

Since the vote of the law on the 3rd of february 2016, 5000 associations have been created to collect and distribute the unsold food from supermarkets. Over 10 million meals have been distributed to those in need since then.

4. What institutional measures would you like to see in the future?

My goal as of today is to convince every country in the world to pass the same law as the one voted in France. Italy, Finland and Peru have voted it for example, Congo, Turkey and Mexico are on the edge of doing so, other countries have to follow!

5. How do you see the role of the SAVE FOOD initiative in the fight against food loss and food waste?

I am very impressed by the work of SAVE FOOD as you approach this topic by various ways such as education and positive attitude. Our goal is the same: eradicating hunger is the top priority.