Since the Interpack 2011 attentive visitors of the SAVE FOOD Pavilion know that major challenges exist in some parts of the world to extend the shelf life of food by appropriate packaging. 
Without going into these backgrounds, the magazine Verpackungs-Rundschau is devoted -month after month and in various special editions - to these topics; being concerned with all aspects of industrial packaging, especially of food.

Verpackungs-Rundschau is also supporting the initiative Save Food. Publishers and editors would like to underline the fact that they feel predestined to make a contribution to the issue of durability of food stuffs. " Verpackungs-Rundschau has set itself the objective to investigate the development and provision of suitable packaging solutions that can reduce waste and loss of food," explains Norbert Sauermann, editor in chief of Verpackungs-Rundschau the reasoning for the magazine’s involvement in the SAVE FOOD initiative.
Verpackungs-Rundschau is a publication of Keppler Medien Gruppe, Heusenstamm.

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